July New Member Bonus!

July 2015 $1,000 Contest
The person who successfully invites the greatest number of "new to iGive" members between June 30, 2015 and 12:01 a.m. CST August 1, 2015 will win $500 for his or her cause.  The second and third place members will each win $250 for their cause.
The new member must try the iGive Button through 10/15/15 to count.
For this contest, only those members who join via a member's personalized Tell A Friend link count towards winning a prize.  If a member joins using any other method, they do NOT count towards winning the prize.  iGive will not manually credit registrations that were made using any other registration link.
The iGive Button must be "phoning home" properly to be considered "in use" through 10/15/15.  We will announce the winners at the end of October.
To get a list of the people you've recruited and to see if they're trying the iGive Button, visit your personalized Tell A Friend page. 
July 2015 $5 New Member Bonus
Each "new to iGive" member who joins during July 2015 and tries the iGive Button beginning within a week of joining, and continues to try the Button through 10/15/15 will earn a $5 bonus for his or her chosen cause.
The iGive Button must be "phoning home" properly to be considered "in use".