New Cause November

Help a new cause get listed at iGive - earn $50+ for them, and $25 for your

Only two requirements - it's so simple:

            * The new group tells us the referring person's (or cause's) email
               when they're listed.
            * They get three new to iGive shoppers by 12/31/14.

More causes getting money because of iGive is good for us all.  iGive works
better for everybody the bigger it gets.  Help that happen and get rewarded.

If you know causes or charities that would benefit from using iGive, please
invite them to be listed.


New Cause November promo:
1. A new to iGive cause is listed during November, 2014.
2. As part of the listing, the referring cause/member's email address is entered.
3. The new cause recruits three new to iGive shoppers, who each make at least one purchase by 12/31/14
4. The new cause earns a $50 bonus.
5. The referring cause earns a $25 bonus.

As always, iGive is FREE to the member, FREE to the cause! More unrestricted
funds for your cause, more donations for your friends' causes. More giving.
More helping.

All bonuses from this promotion will be posted by February 28, 2015.
For more details (and sample emails/posts) visit