Dime A Day Offer Expiring


The Dime A Day launch offer is ending May, 2023.

We launched NewTab with an outrageous goal.  Use a Dime A Day to introduce iGive members and the causes they support to a new way to help with a new landing page.

Because every time you start your browser, somebody is making money.  But nobody you care about. 

For Chrome, it’s Google raking it in.  Edge – Microsoft.  Firefox – Mozilla.  They show you ads, they sell special shortcuts hoping you’ll click, and they capture the data YOU create from browsing to make even more money. 

 That’s money YOU make possible. 
 It should go to YOUR local cause or charity. 
 You made it possible. 

We called it Dime A Day.  We retired the launch promotion in May, 2023.

If you like the NewTab experience, we encourage you to keep it active. You can still continue to earn Donations for your chosen cause or charity with your online shopping via iGive.