Welcome eScrip Supporters!

Thanks to your desire to do good, the Groups you've supported via eScrip have thrived.  Here at iGive.com, we want to help you to continue that tradition.
You'll notice that the basic premise is the same: Shop online, earn Donations for your Cause.  Some of the details may be different, so we wanted to provide a little extra detail.
Words, words, words:
iGive.com allows members to support the cause or charity closest to their heart (no 501(c)3 status is required). eScrip may have called it a "Group", but we use the term "Cause".
    You can support any charity, local or international, with a US or Canadian Address. (Details here) It’s possible the group you support via eScrip is already active on iGive.  Be sure to search by location, name, and/or category. If it’s not there, you can quickly add the Cause with a contact name, email, and mailing address (Full details: How do I list my cause with iGive.com?)
Toolbar vs. The Button - eScrip offered a great reminder tool (the toolbar) to let you know when you were accessing an eScrip partner store directly, so you could confirm your desire to have your purchase benefit your group. Here at iGive, we call this tool, which does the same thing, the iGive Button. (Full details: iGive Button - Compatibility and Conflicts and iGive Button - How It Works). Be sure you UNINSTALL the eScrip software to avoid tracking issues.
iGive also offers mobile Apps for shoppers on the go - for Android and iOS. Note - the iGive App is NOT the same as the iGive Button (this becomes important when we run promos regarding the Button).
Shop, shop, shop:
iGive is currently partnered with over 1,900 stores online. You will find an A-Z List and you can also shop the site by Category. You'll see some of your favorites and a whole bunch of niche stores you may never heard of.
Donation percentages are listed next to the store name on our site. Some stores offer bonuses based on product department - we'll note any and all Exceptions in a variety of places! See here for some helpful screenshots and be sure to double check for those notes.
Membership management:
As an iGive member, you can manage your iGive membership by logging on to iGive.com and click on Settings. You can update your email address, connect with social media, adjust your newsletter subscriptions or change your cause (at any time).
Visual Learner?
Head on over to our Webinar Archive for several videos (approx. 30 minutes each) about iGive, including iGive for Beginners & Beyond.