How do I get a tax deduction from shopping?

iGive has been set-up to allow qualified purchases to be tax deductible, if the cause meets certain requirements.
When you make a purchase from an vendor, through an Newsletter, Button or App,  the vendor sends us back a portion of your purchase amount. 
We track that donation and then send it to the cause you've selected, on your behalf.  If you're donating to an organization that qualfies under section 170 of the IRS code as a nonprofit, your donation may be considered tax-deductible.  If your cause is small, it is possible that it doesn't need to be a "501(c)3".  To ensure that your donations through purchases are tax-deductible, the IRS has defined a set of requirements which are listed here.

The donation would occur when we send the check, not when you make the purchase. Here is some additional information on and tax deductions. 

NOTE: iGive does not have the ability nor cannot by law act as a tax adviser. You will need to consult a local financial adviser, as each state/country varies in their rules and laws.