Your free, customized joinLink provides an easy-to-remember page where new supporters can join iGive with YOUR organization pre-selected to benefit!

Your joinLink will look like this: (you tell us what to put after the / ). 

To create a joinLink or see if your cause already has one CLICK HERE.
Then, just fill out the short form to create your free joinLink today.

Tip: use your organization's acronym or website domain as an easy-to-remember guide. For example, "Harmony House for Cats" (website: might enter hhforcats. "ALS Association Bay Area" (acronym: ALSA) might enter ALSABayArea.

NOTE: The joinLink is a smart link. It knows if you are already a member, or not, and performs differently in each case. Existing members are directed to the iGive home page. New members to a registration page. To test what new members see, you will first need to log out of iGive. To log out of iGive, visit: Logout