Why do I keep getting prompted to log into iGive?

Something is blocking or deleting your browser cookies.
- iGive will not work correctly is you've set your browser to "Always use private browsing mode".
When you log into iGive, you get an iGive cookie, that is how we and the stores are able to track your purchases for reporting the donation to your cause.  The cookie only identifies you with your member ID number which lets us track the transaction back to your cause.
Once you log into iGive you are assigned a cookie.  You should remain logged in until you either log out, or delete cookies. 

Some virus protection software can wipe out cookies in routine clean up scans, and some browsers can be set to delete cookies when you close down.    If you are running ad-blocking software, or have told your browser not to accept cookies you will need to turn those off for iGive to work properly.  These programs should have settings where you can make exceptions such as "always allow" iGive.com.  
Due to the vast variety of providers, we do not have specific instructions for a "How To".  You will need to contact the provider's support.

What are cookies?
Cookies make your life easier. Cookies are a harmless, but very handy little mechanism by which you can be recognized every time you return to the site without logging in each time.  Since most people browse the web via a personal computer, virtually every Website on the Internet uses cookies to make accessing a site as quick and painless as possible.