How do I get credit for my cause from my purchases?

It's all automatic! You don't need to enter any codes, notify the store, or iGive. 
When iGive members shop via our special links (starting at the web site, the iGive Newsletter, or having installed the iGive Toolbar "Donation Enabled"), tracking enables us to identify the purchases of each individual iGive member with an ID number. 

You shop the same way as you would without starting at iGive.

When you do start with iGive, our stores automatically send us the needed information (order amount, order date, and your ID number which identifies the user to but is meaningless to the online store) so that we can track the donation to each member's designated cause. When you successfully link to an iGive store, your visit will be immediately visible in the You recently visited box.

You can create your own list of favorite store under Favorites.

After being reported to us, your transactions can be reviewed in your shopping report under Stats.  It can take up to 30 days after they've shipped (or travel has commenced) for purchases to get posted to your report, although the average is about 10 days. Please review any posted store exceptions.