NewTab Compatibilities

New to NewTab?
See our previous articles about Why NewTab?, or details about Shortcuts on NewTab.

As of February 21st, 2023, NewTab will be turned OFF by default.

To change this please login to your iGive member account.
Select "Settings" from the menu (see screenshot)
Scroll to Email, Privacy, & iGive Button settings:
Scroll to "Optional iGive Button (Extension)" and toggle NewTab on or off. You can also select your preferred first tab & new tab experiences from the drop down menu.

Chrome Users:
If you already have a New Tab Extension installed, directing your home page and/or new tab settings to a specific landing page, please note that there is a 'priority' established when utilizing multiple extensions.  If the New Tab Redirect extension was installed BEFORE the iGive Button, it will be overridden by the iGive Button NewTab settings and not show you the page you had previously designated as your chosen home page/new tab.

If you follow the below steps in order, it will give priority to your chosen landing page settings and allow you to keep the iGive Button functionality while you shop.

Step 1 - Ensure the iGive Button is installed 
Step 2 - Confirm iGive Button NewTab settings are set to NO for "Use New Tab"
Step 3 - Uninstall New Tab Redirect extension.
Step 4 - Reinstall New Tab Redirect extension.
Step 5 - Using New Tab Redirect extension set your desired home page.

Firefox Users:
 To manually turn off NewTab, you must also update your Firefox browser settings:

Step 1 - Select settings from the firefox menu
Step 2 - from Settings, go to Home & select the home page & new tab experience you prefer