ARCHIVE - iGive NewTab Placements 2022

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In Q3, 2022 we rolled out a new feature to our iGive membership that allows users to earn a Dime A Day Donation by opening their browser via the iGive Button NewTab feature.  The NewTab will provide a familiar home-page browser experience co-branded by and the member's chosen charity.

iGive Causes are able to upload messages to their supporting members and iGive Advertisers can be featured as either a Sponsored shortcut or a Merchant Content Card - see below for samples.
Distribution: unknown
Open Rate: unknown

FEE:As we are currently beta testing and cannot provide stats, these placements are available in exchange for a Commission Increase during the period of placement.

We have 2 placement options on the landing page.
Option 1 - NewTab Sponsored Shortcut
  • Image: 32x32 logo Favicon
  • Copy: None
  • Duration: 7 consecutive days (Friday - Saturday)
Option 2 - NewTab Merchant Content Card 
  • Image: 296 X148 pixels 
  • Copy: 160 characters of copy detailing story relevant to the merchant's offerings; this should be "content" or "informational" related, rather than tied to an "offer" or "promo"
  • Duration: minimum 3 days; maximum 7 days; details will NOT be swapped out mid-placement

To Book a NewTab placement send the following details to:

Requested Placement Start Date (must be at least 5 business days out):
Placement Type:

Necessary copy/creative:

Commission Offer: (old rate & increased promotion rate)
PLEASE BOOK ONE PLACEMENT REQUEST PER EMAIL (multiple store/placement requests on the same email will cause delay in processing)

Your booking will be confirmed & details of the required creative will be sent within 3 business days.  If the specific placement you requested is unavailable, a similar alternative may be offered.