Managing NewTab Cards and Shortcuts

New to NewTab?
See our previous articles about Why NewTab (a.k.a A Dime A Day), or details about Shortcuts on NewTab.

As of July 1st, 2022, we now show Cards on NewTab.

These Cards may be of three types:
* iGive Cards, which are useful messages and information about our offerings;
* Sponsored Cards, from our merchant partners, which help pay for the Dime a Day initiative;
* Cause Cards, which may be pulled from Facebook or manually created, to allow Cause to share information with their Supporters!

Cause Admins can manage their Cause Cards from the Cause ToolboxEdit Cause Information section.
Then select the "Cause Cards On New Tab" section at the bottom:

Facebook Integration
You can choose to integrate your Cause Facebook page with New Tab to display the last 3 posts from your Cause Facebook Page.

We strongly encourage Cause Administrators to do this, as this is the easiest way to share news from your Cause to your supporting Members. Once this is setup, your Members will see your last 3 posts from Facebook on their New Tab feed! This helps you to reach a broader audience, and helps keep them interested and up-to-date with all your happenings!

(Please note: We currently pull Posts and Images, but NOT Stories, Shared Content, or Event type posts. We are looking to add this in the future but wanted to get this to you right away for feedback and testing. In addition, many Cause Facebook Pages may allow other people to post to their page. These posts will be pulled in for members to see; it's important to ensure your Facebook Feed is properly moderated if you're allowing others to post. We cannot be responsible for content from your feed, even though we are cross-posting it here!)

In order to set this up, you MUST (re-)connect your Facebook Account with iGive, to ensure the "Read Page Content" permission is properly set. If it's your first time, all the settings should be correctly set; you'll see a list of the 3 permissions we need, and going through the process should be easy!

If you have already connected your Cause Facebook to iGive, you will need to delete the connection, and re-create it. To do that, simply click the big orange "Connect your Facebook Page" button and follow the link provided to first "Delete the Connection"; then go through and re-create it. You'll get a prompt saying "It looks like you may have already connected this" with a choice to Continue or Edit Settings. Here, you should click Edit Settings and ensure that the "Read Pages" permission is set!

Once this is done, your Members will see your Facebook Posts show up on their New Tab, like the 2 that say "From Facebook" in the sample below. Clicking the card will take them directly to your Facebook Post.

If you have any issues, please email with "New Tab Facebook Integration" in the subject line, and we'll be happy to help you!

Cause Card Generation
Prefer to manage this yourself? No problem! You can add or edit cards yourself, below the Facebook Integration section.

You can select Text and Image or Image Only. Although Image Only does NOT display the Headline, a Headline is required so you can then review and edit.

For example, take a look at this "Existing Cards" layout. Having the Headline helps to know which "Image Only" you're editing!

If you click on Edit, you'll be brought back to the same page to edit the card, with an "Update Entry" button.
In order to delete a card, just check the "Delete Card?" checkbox and click update. Voila!

You can create up to 12 cards, but only the first 3 will display at any time.
This makes it easy to prepare content for the whole month in advance, and then you can just delete the ones when you're done.

Feedback and Improvement
We are constantly striving to improve iGive, to make it easier for YOUR Cause to earn donations -- whether you're a Cause Admin trying to get your members involved, or whether you're a dedicated supporter of a Cause. We are passionate about making the world a better place by building these tools for YOU to use.

Like what we've done with the place? Found bugs or having issues? Think we should have gone with Twitter instead of Facebook?

Good, bad, or ugly, we're happy to hear it all in order to make this better for YOU.
(Please do NOT use the Feedback below, that's just for feedback on this support article.)