Start Your Browser 
 Impact Your World

The Dime A Day launch ended in May, 2023.

We launched New Tab with a outrageous goal.  Use a Dime A Day to introduce iGive member and the causes they support to a new way to help.

Because every time you start your browser, somebody is making money.  Just nobody you care about. 

For Chrome, it’s Google raking it in.  Edge – Microsoft.  Firefox – Mozilla.  They show you ads, they sell special shortcuts hoping you’ll click, and they capture the data YOU create from browsing to make even more money. 

 That’s money  YOU  make possible. 
 It should go to  YOUR  local cause or charity. 
 You made it possible. 

We called it Dime A Day.  We retired the launch promotion in May, 2023.  It was an experiment  - can a community make a world of difference, just by starting their PC or Mac browser and viewing an iGive start page? 

 Rescue a dog, fight hunger, or cure a disease.   

Real impact from such a small action.  No clicking, no searching, no buying necessary. 

How much impact?   That’s the real experiment.  Our first guess was a Dime A Day. Having done this for a year, we're now evaluating how we can make this powerful option more meaningful.  Long term – it’ll depend on how many people make a difference with their browser, and how much advertisers and data buyers will pay to reach that socially conscious and involved audience. 

 That's the big picture, but details matter.   

The start page:  For millions to use it, it needs to be fast and familiar, with your favorite search provider and your shortcuts.  At least as good as your standard start page. Better even, with appropriate messaging from your chosen cause or charity. Because that dime comes from advertisers, there’ll be a few (only a few) useful ads. Easy to install and easy to remove.  And, of course, Free.

Short answer – download and install the iGive Button for PCs and Macs.

Long answer - A Dime A Day (and the NewTab feature) are part of the iGive Button for technical and economic reasons. 

The Button is an optional browser extension you download from your browser’s app store.  The Button does two basic things.  First, it tells your browser to use iGive’s NewTab page, instead of the built-in start page, when you start your browser or open a new browser tab.  And, if you shop at a participating store, it makes sure you can tell us to donate part of your purchase price to your chosen charity.