Microsoft Edge Browser Extension - Detailed installation Process

You can isntall the iGive Button by visiting or clicking on the link at the bottom of any member page:

Click "Install Now" button to be taken to the Microsoft Edge Add-Ons page.

Click on "Get" button from Microsoft Edge Add-Ons page
After you click "Get", you'll be asked if you want to the iGive Button to your Microsoft Edge browser. Click "Add extension"

You will then be asked to "Turn" on the new functionality of The iGive Button.

NOTE: If you do not Turn on the iGive Button, you will see the below message from Microsoft Edge:
You can then click the ... to access your Extensions:

Click "Extensions" and then click "Manage Extensions"

Then you will see your list of installed extensions.  
Move the slider from left to right to turn the extension on.To make sure the Button continues working, the first time you open a New Tab, click "Keep changes"
(This should be a one-time requirement, but if Microsoft Edge changes their rules, you may have to click "Keep changes" an additional time.)
The new feature?  When you open a new tab, you'll get an iGive page.  Searches are still fulfilled by Google.

Just by using this page, we’ll award your charity $0.10 per day.

This adds up quickly!

New Tab Functionality

Version - Option for First Tab Choice (Default Search Engine, iGive Home Page, or New Tab page).
Version - First Tab respect Search Engine preference, Cookie settings, and fmnewtab tracking.

Version - bug fixes regarding "ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND"

What’s new in Version

We’ve added a custom “New Tab” page.

Your first tab will open Google or your selected Search Provider; subsequent tabs will open the iGive New Tab page.

This page uses google-backed search, along with suggestions for stores where you can earn donations for your charity!

Just by using this page, we’ll award your charity $0.10 per day.

This adds up quickly!

If you and four others supported your charity, you could collectively earn over $20 for your charity between now and 2022 – without making a single purchase!


You can turn on or off the New Tab functionality in your iGive Settings page.

Under “Email, Privacy, & Popups”, click Change Settings.

Under “iGive Extension (Button), you can control whether you use the iGive New Tab or not. 

You can also select whether you use a default search engine for First Tab, or whether you want the iGive New Tab on your First Tab.

You can select your default search provider here as well; this affect the First Tab you open, as well as search engine results from when you search.