How do I connect iGive to Facebook? (Step by Step)

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST be an administrator, in Facebook, for the charity Facebook Fan Page.  That means that the email address you use to log into Facebook must be an administrator for the Fan Page.  If you aren't an administrator for the Fan Page, you will not be able to set this up.
Here we provide a step by step process for connecting your Facebook Fan Page to your iGive Cause.
  • First, go to iGive and login to your personal iGive member account.  (Why?  To do anything on you must have a personal member account and you must be logged into it.)
  • Now, log into the Cause Administration Facebook options page with your Cause ID and Cause password. Your Cause ID was sent to the email address designated as the Cause Administrator in iGive.  If you don't have this info, you can open a support ticket and we can help you. (Your Cause password may not necessarily be the same as your member password.)  
  • Once you are logged into your cause in iGive and are on the Facebook Options screen, you should see a page that looks like the one below.  Click the "Get Started" button to start setting up the iGive/Facebook connection.
  • After you click "Get Started" your browser will be redirected to Facebook where you will need to login to your personal Facebook account (the one which is the administrator for the cause's Facebook Fan Page).  That page looks like the one below.  Enter your personal email address and Facebook information into this screen and click the "Login" button.
  • The next screen you'll see on Facebook is a request for iGive to access your Facebook account. After you say Yes, you will then be asked which Facebook Pages you are giving access to. If your Cause page does not appear on this list, it means that you are NOT the Administrator of the Cause Page. (Please reach out to the page's Administrator for access, or ask them to follow these set up steps.) 
  • The next Facebook page (below) requests permissions to "Manage your pages" or "publish as Pages you manage". In order to publish posts, iGive needs both options to be "Yes".
Final step in Facebook is "Ok"
  • Once you click "Ok", you will automatically be redirected to a page that looks like the one below.  You should see your cause Fan Page shown in the table.  The only thing left to do is click the "Link Now" button which will tell Facebook that you are giving the final permissions to iGive to post to your Fan Page.
  • You'll need to confirm you really want to do this.  Click "Ok" when you see the question below.
  • You are all done!
On your iGive Cause Toolbox, you'll see confirmation of the connection.
  • We've preset the frequency of the various kinds of posts for you to follow best practices.  You can change the settings as needed (which messages to send, and how frequently).  
  • If you ever have any problems or want to stop iGive from posting to your page anymore, you can click the "Delete iGive/Facebook Connection" button.