Can I support more than one cause?

You are more than welcome to choose a new cause from our listing at any time and as often as you desire.  If the cause you are looking for is not listed, you can add the cause.  

Funds are credited to the cause you are supporting when the transaction is made and are non-transferable.

To Change/List A Cause:
Please make sure you're logged into iGive

Then visit Settings and Change My Cause

As a member of, you can list a new cause at any time.

Your cause qualifies to be listed if it is:

  • located in the U.S. or Canada
  • engaging in legal activities that benefit the public good does NOT require a cause to be 501(c)-3 or otherwise tax-exempt. 

Whether your cause is large or small, it's welcome here.

Checks must be cut to the listed Cause Name, and we discourage any cause listings that are just a member’s name. Some banks will accept variations such as “Cause c/o Jane Doe” or "John Doe Medical/Education/etc. Fund".  You will have to list your cause in a way acceptable with your bank.

Causes with similar names, or chapters will need to add a unique distinction, such as "American Cancer Society - Minnesota". 


Needed Information:

You'll need to supply a valid mailing address and contact email for your cause so we can contact them with further information and ensure we know where to send the check!