This feature was retired in August, 2023 because Yahoo / Bing no longer offered us the ability to enhance their search for free.


 SEARCHING:  Raise money for your favorite cause, every time you search our Web tab!  When you use the iGive search engine for internet searching, your favorite cause receives $0.01 (or more) per qualified search. The money comes from advertisers, so it costs you nothing, and it's completely free for you and the cause you support.  

Note: Only searches performed with the Web tab selected generate a donation. Web results may include some stores that are not participating in the iGive program.  All iGive stores will appear highlighted and with a posted donation amount. 

Tab Searching: 
Store Finder to search for a specific iGive store by name. 
Web for general internet searching

NOTE: Some types of searches at do not qualify for the donation. These include searching for images, and searching for a URL or website domain.