Add A New Store to iGive

Are you a member that would like to suggest a store?

Is there a store you'd like to see added to the iGive Mall?  Please submit a new ticket with your suggestion(s) to Member Support and we'll do our best to add them.

Are you a merchant that would like to join the Mall?

With, the monetary reward goes to the consumer’s favorite charity, no matter how small or how big, and the psychic reward goes to the consumer.  Because the power to choose which charity receives the benefit rests with the consumer, she feels a much higher degree of affinity and satisfaction.  This triangle also involves the charity, which often participates in marketing iGive and its merchants to its supporter base.

Merchants win with more loyal, more active customers, and a lower cost of marketing!. 

For further details, please review Information for Merchants & Advertisers.