Phone Order

Donations with iGive can only be generated via online transactions.

If there was a problem with your order and you were instructed to complete the order via the phone: While it is the policy of most iGive stores to apply donations to orders only when completed online, we understand that sometimes technical issues arise and it is impossible to complete the purchase in this intended fashion.  With your help, we can reach out to the merchant in an attempt to both address the technical error and get credit for your purchase.  This process can sometimes take up to 30 days and we cannot guarantee that the merchant will credit the order, but we will do our best!

Please email us at with the following information:
(Notate subject line "Phone order issue")

Date of (attempted) purchase:

Items purchased: (if you have item numbers this is most helpful, but a description may be enough)

Error Messages: (If you received an error message at some point in the process, please describe it)

Did you use any coupon codes or special links for a discount?  If so, please detail it here.

If you were able to complete your order by phone, please provide the confirmation # of the order, the date and total amount spent (before taxes & shipping) so we can track it easily.