Tracking Your Donation

When you successfully link to a store via, your store visit will be immediately posted in the 
"You Recently Visited" box (you may need to refresh the page) and at  
If you see your store visit, then tracking is working!  Any purchases made at the posted visit, we are confident will be reported to us (from the store) as a donation for your cause.  Stores usually report to us within the first 10 days after they've shipped (or actual travel dates), but some stores can take up to 30 days to report.  After being reported to us, your transaction and donation will be posted in your Stats.
Sometimes there is a store reporting issue.  
If it's been more than 10 days and your transaction is missing, you can submit a Missing Transaction Form at  (Be sure to check the store listing for any Donation Exceptions). We use that form to both give you credit, and to figure out why.
Are most of your purchases at Amazon?
Unfortunately, shopping at Amazon will no longer benefit your cause (as of 8/1/16).  

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