iGive Causes: Goals and Strategy

Getting Started Checklist

Let everyone know they can help you through iGive.com and Change Shopping for Good.
Create a joinLink for your Cause
Link iGive to your Cause Facebook page.
Post your joinLink and an iGive banner on your website

More materials and ideas can be found in the Promote Your Cause section.

The Numbers Game

Millions of dollars are being spent at stores on the internet every day, and iGive enables individuals to tap this economic stream for the benefit of the causes in their community.  Your community of supporters is your target, and the goal is to get everyone signed onto iGive with the iGive Button installed on laptops & desktops. Members with the iGive Button installed raise three times more for their causes than those members without.  


- Causes who receive monthly disbursements from iGive have on average 25 or more active members.

- Causes with an annual average-raised-amount of $2,000+ have a member base of 100 or more active members.

The Cause Administrator has access to the Supporter List (requires Cause ID and Cause Password) which has functions to assist in developing a growing and active member base.  Easily send thank-you's to active supporters and gentle reminders to supporters who have gone dormant.

The iGiving Community

iGive members have raised over $10 million for their chosen causes by spreading the good news of iGive from one member to the next.  Social networks are powerful tools for building communities and for getting your message spread globally.  We are seeing rapidly growing numbers of new members joining to support causes from their Facebook activity. 

Let us do some of the work for you.  With iGive, regular reminders of your choosing such as check notices, monthly statistics, and your joinLink can be automatically posted to your cause's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The Cause Administrator has access to Facebook Options (requires Cause ID and Cause Password) where a variety of auto-posting options are available.

iGive Works

The iGive Team is happiest when sending out lots of checks to lots of causes who are doing good.

There are over 340,000 iGive members using iGive every day helping their cause without any problems, hassle, or extra cost. Let's work together to make that number one million!

Our systems track and report back thousands of transactions daily, and iGive has an army of auditors (our members and causes) to ensure accurate reporting. Occasionally issues do 
arise which are most often addressed in our Knowledge Base, where members can review Support Articles or contact iGive Support by submitting a Ticket.

The Cause Administrator can review a full accounting with the Cause Ledger (requires Cause ID and Cause Password). You can also use the Cause Ledger to send thank-yous to your iGive supporters and encourage them to spread the word.