Commission Increase Campaigns

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Commission Increase Campaigns are available any time throughout the year.
  • Bookings are in 30 through 90 day increments
  • Minimum of 1% or more increase to current commission rate
  • Campaigns are promoted on as a "Distinctive Donation" to our members' Causes.
iGive’s advertised donations are directly linked with the commission earned from merchants. The calculation of a 60/40 split is maintained so any increases in commissions will result in a proportional increase in the advertised donation & higher placement within relevant categories.  

Promotions included:  
A text link will reflect the difference in donation resulting from the commission increase as well as the run dates of the promo. Sample: Now through March 31st, enjoy a special 10% donation! (Normally 6.0%). 
This text link randomly rotates on the member Home Page and appears on our Distinctive Donations page as well as the individual merchant's offers page for the duration of the campaign.

Banners will randomly rotate on member Home Page for the duration of the campaign.
Size used: 120x60 brand logo (already in our system)
    (to preview onsite placements, sign in to our members' only site with:; password: guestpass) 
Potential Bonus placement: (will be included where available; your confirmation will include details if the Bonus is available during your campaign's run dates)  
    1 - a newsletter placement in a Weekly Layout newsletter

To Book a Commission Increase Campaign send the following details to
Start date (must be a minimum 3 business days out)
End date (minimum 30 days, maximum 90 days)
New commission Rate

PLEASE BOOK ONE PLACEMENT REQUEST PER EMAIL (multiple store/placement requests on the same email will cause a delay in processing)

*You will receive an IO within 3 business days confirming your booking.  Please note the creative requirement for any 'bonus' placements included & provide creative by the due dates listed.

Note – any increase lasting longer than 90 days is considered the new base rate for iGive and will no longer enjoy the increased exposure, but will maintain a higher advertised donation within relevant categories & throughout the site.