Commission Increase Campaigns

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Commission Increase Campaigns are available any time throughout the year.
  • Bookings are in 30 through 90 day increments
  • Minimum of 1% or more increase to current commission rate
  • Campaigns are promoted on as a "Distinctive Donation" to our members' Causes.
iGive’s advertised donations are directly linked with the commission earned from merchants. The calculation of a 60/40 split is maintained so any increases in commissions will result in a proportional increase in the advertised donation & higher placement within relevant categories.  

Promotions included:  (you can sign in to our members' only site with:; password: guestpass)

A text link will reflect the difference in donation resulting from the commission increase as well as the run dates of the promo. Sample: Now through March 31st, enjoy a special 10% donation! (Normally 6.0%). 
This text link randomly rotates on the member Home Page and appears on our Deals & Coupons tab as well as the individual merchant's offers page.

Banners will randomly rotate throughout the site.
Sizes used: 120x60 (rotates on Home Page) 
Potential Bonus placement: a newsletter placement in a Weekly Layout  will be included where available (your confirmation will include details if the Bonus is available during your campaign's run dates).

To Book a Commission Increase Campaign send the following details to
Start date (must be a minimum 3 business days out)
End date (minimum 30 days, maximum 90 days)
New commission Rate
Link IDs for the following sizes: 120x60  Banner must be valid the entire run of the increase.
PLEASE BOOK ONE PLACEMENT REQUEST PER EMAIL (multiple store/placement requests on the same email will cause a delay in processing)

*You will receive an IO within 3 business days confirming your booking.  Please note the creative requirement for any 'bonus' placements included & provide creative by the due dates listed.

Note – any increase lasting longer than 90 days is considered the new base rate for iGive and will no longer enjoy the increased exposure, but will maintain a higher advertised donation within relevant categories & throughout the site. 

You can download the full ad book as a PDF: 

iGive 2020 Q3 Ad Book.pdf