How do I install the iGive Button?

To install the iGive Button, please log into your iGive account then visit:
This will take you to the installation screen for your browser.
NOTE:  AVG Anti-Virus software users click here for special installation instructions.
You may need to temporarily disable DoNotTrackPlus and the Norton Toolbar prior to installing iGive.

Video Tutorial of the iGive Button Browser Extension.

Installation Instructions
 You may see slightly different installation steps, depending on your browser version and settings as each browser has a unique approach.  This is what the Internet Explorer  screen looks like.
Follow the step-by-step instructions.
If you are asked - please "add" or "allow" the iGive Button.  While it does say that it can access your data on all websites, we will only access your anonymous ID number and the iGive stores you visit so that your cause can be credited with your shopping.