Cause Facebook Features

Facebook Option Settings are available under Cause Administration 
(Requires your Cause ID and Cause Password)
You follow the same instructions to connect/change or disconnect Facebook.

iGive allows you to have certain kinds of information about your supporters and cause posted automatically to Facebook.


  • Registration Link
  • We will post an iGive registration link to your wall so your fans can easily register and automatically support your cause. You can choose between daily, weekly, or monthly posts.
  • Supporter Shopping Activity
  • When your supporters shop through iGive and post that to their own wall, iGive can post the same information to the cause's Facebook wall. Your other supporters will see this and be motivated to help via iGive too!
  • Monthly Recap
  • We will post a recap of your iGive earnings each month to show your supporters that helping your cause through iGive really works! They'll see this and be motivated to help via iGive too!
  • Checks
  • Nothing motivates supporters more than seeing that their cause is receiving a check from iGive! When iGive writes a check to your cause, we'll post that to your fan page to energize your supporters.

* In order to setup your Facebook Fan Page to work with iGive, you will first have to give iGive permission to access your personal Facebook account. This access is required by Facebook to prove that you are an administrator for the Fan Page.