Can I choose to get a check instead of give the money to a Cause?

While has been designed to encourage donations to charities and causes, you can choose to get a check yourself.
Please note: this only applies to shopping rebates. Bonuses, contest earnings and monies from search can only be sent to causes.
You can change your donation preferences anytime, and the change is effective immediately. You cannot change your donation preferences retroactively. 
To change your donation preferences, just click on Settings . Then, click the button to change "Tax Donation Status."  Opt for "No Donation to Charity - Receive a Check" and click "Submit"
Rebate checks are processed twice yearly:
 April for purchases made from 07/01 through 12/31
 October for purchases made from 01/01 through 06/30  . does not issue checks for amounts less than $25. If an account has less than $25 in the processing month, the funds will carry over to the next scheduled run. In order to send you a check, we require two pieces of information - a currently valid mailing address and a currently valid e-mail address. Without these, we cannot issue a check to you.