Do all of my purchases count for deductions?

Let's start with a reminder, we are not tax professionals and we suggest you consult a qualified local advisor to ensure that your purchases meet the requirements for a tax deduction.
Having said that, we did work with our attorneys and the published information from the IRS to try and create an opportunity for many people to be able to deduct their purchases.

A few guidelines:

  • Only rebates from shopping at (or using the Button or Apps) qualify.
  • Donations resulting from purchases are not included in this report, and are not considered tax deductible. This is because orders are tracked according to the cause that benefits from the purchase, rather than the iGive member who shopped. (As of 8/1/16, purchases at no longer benefit your iGive Cause.)
  • You must have chosen to donate your shopping rebates to a cause.
  • The cause to which you donate your rebates must qualify under Section 170 of the IRS code as a nonprofit organization.  Good news, many small causes do NOT have to be 501(c)3 registered.  Your donation to your small cause may qualify for a tax deduction, even if it isn't registered.
  • You may not take a deduction until we've sent the cause a check.
  • The tax year reflects the year funds were sent to your cause
    (which may not be the same as the year you made your purchase).
  • You must have selected to "Take a Deduction" on the My Tax Status page, and you must have provided your mailing address, prior to making a purchase.
    • Beginning in 2007, the IRS has changed the documentation rules for charitable deductions. You may need a receipt from your cause in order to satisfy IRS requirements. We provide your donation information to your cause so that they may issue a receipt.
NOTE: iGive does not have the ability nor cannot by law act as a tax adviser. You will need to consult a local financial adviser, as each state/country varies in their rules and laws.